The Latest Code Libraries

Modern Web development relies upon a range of well-established code libraries. WordPress brings these libraries together under one roof, carefully integrating them with the main codebase.

This helps provide a seamless user experience for visitors to your WordPress site. WordPress code libraries include:-

Code served fresh and up-to-date

Each third-party code library is kept fully up-to-date within WordPress, while the developers of WordPress  core  are always on the lookout for new tools to help make a better experience for our users.

jQueryUI is one of the many popular code libraries that are built-into WordPress

jQueryUI is one of the many popular code libraries that come built-in with WordPress


Bring your own library

It doesn’t end there — what if you want to use your own code library?

No problem. The WordPress API allows you deploy your own code libraries for your own specialised applications. The WordPress script management system enables developers to easily manage conflicts and handle dependencies.

In business terms, this means you are building on a solid codebase, providing a reliable and efficient platform for you business website.

WordPress opens you to the world

WordPress’s ability to easily integrate and deploy third-party code libraries opens up a universe of possibilities. For example, you can easily hook into other third party systems by integrating their APIs within WordPress. Or you can create unique front-ends to fit the needs of your business.

The sky’s the limit.

Get in touch today and let’s get started integrating your next WordPress project.