Rapid Prototyping with WordPress

How can Rapid Prototyping help your business?

The business landscape is ever-shifting — it’s easy to fall behind. Your business website needs to adapt to changes in the market.

This is where Rapid Prototyping can help.

Rapid prototyping example. Sketch of layout for a services icon bar

Rapid prototyping example, a hand-drawn sketch for a services icon bar feature.

Rapid Prototyping can be very helpful for testing all sorts of new business features. It can form the ‘proving’ part of your Agile development cycle. You might decide on a new booking section, updated e-commerce layout, a new product launch.

Maybe you need to trial a complete new online service offer for your customers.

Is Rapid Prototyping with WordPress going to save you money?

A well-designed Rapid Prototyping project can be really cost-effective, because it can help prove your new ideas and concepts prior to making any major financial commitment.

We help identify projects with the best risk to reward ratio, and you will benefit from a carefully-designed prototyping project.

Why is WordPress a good tool for Rapid Prototyping?

You can build a simple WordPress site in about a day. Scratch that, you can install a WordPress site in about an hour.

This makes WordPress an excellent tool for Rapid Prototyping.

While your newly created WordPress site will be quite basic, you can test out a huge range of functionality very quickly. Using pre-built themes and plugins, and small amounts of discrete code you can have a working prototype in short order.

If you are testing user experience, you can have a basic design coded, rendered and styled.

Rapid Prototying example: home page layout for Code Word Digital

When considering a layout, a rapid prototype element, such as a simple sketch can be used to assess user experience, without the need for any coding.

Can Rapid Prototyping with WordPress be used with 3rd party services?

Yes. You may want to test third party services. Testing third party APIs helps you evaluate the benefit a of new service to your business. There are often several options for connecting with WordPress, and we can help you do an initial compatibility and functionality tests to find the best fit.

You and your business team can participate collaboratively in this rapid prototyping phase by adding comments and feedback well before any major development begins.

The beauty of this approach is that you identify problems at the outset, preventing them from becoming huge issues further down the line.


Get in touch today and we can get started your WordPress rapid prototype.