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Is hand-coding PSD to WordPress worth it?

If you want a professional result, hand-crafted conversions are the only way!

Working out how your PSD is sliced and converted into your WordPress theme is one of the most crucial aspects of the conversion process. Automated conversion can leave you with a lot of issues to resolve.

Manual PSD to WordPress conversion ensures you get a high-quality, pixel-perfect website.

Manual PSD to WordPress conversion ensures you get a high-quality, pixel-perfect website.

Extra care taken with hand-coded conversions will save you time and money later on. Hand-crafted PSD to WordPress conversion by experts ensures you get clean code and the highest quality. Which is good news, as the resulting website will be true to your business and customer needs.

PSD to WordPress experts

A manual PSD to WordPress conversion will give you clean and well-structured code, fewer bugs and improved loading speed and better performance. A fast website is always appreciated by your customers as well as Google.

Creating a website which is SEO-friendly is crucial. Our hand-coded process uses semantic markup, and follows SEO best practices. We can make highly-specific adjustments to the code according to your customer needs.

Responsive, mobile-friendly code

Mobile is one of the most important factors in successful web design. Our manual PSD to WordPress conversion helps ensure that your website runs smoothly across multiple devices. We make sure that your layouts for each screen width are fully optimised.

Get an advantage

When you commission custom PSD to WordPress conversion from Code Word Digital, you differentiate yourself from the competition.

Your design will look great, and your customers will have engaging user-experiences. You will have peace of mind knowing that your site is built upon solid underlying code.

Let’s get started

Code Word Digital offer you a superb conversion service from Photoshop to WordPress.

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He delivered all elements of the graphic design and programming, working closely with hardware suppliers to achieve great results – including real time links to data streams.

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Their technical skills are excellent – we never encountered a problem which they couldn’t solve.