WordPress Theme Development

How do you make your business stand out from all the rest?

Answer: With our WordPress theme development service! 

A custom WordPress theme gives you a totally unique visual design matched perfectly to your business. Your new custom WordPress theme will completely transform the appearance of your site, but without changing any of the underlying content — only the way in which it is presented.

Take your pick!

WordPress theme development examples on WordPress theme directory

There is a vast array of Themes available from WordPress to suit your business

The good news is that here are thousands of high-quality themes to choose from, free or at relatively low cost. However, if you are going to stand out from the crowd, you need to adapt your chosen theme to match your own brand identity, otherwise your site is going to look like all the rest.

This is where we come in…

WordPress theme development

We are here to help. Whether it’s modifications to an existing theme, or a brand new theme built from scratch, here at Code Word Digital we are expert at building bespoke WordPress themes to represent your business. Check out some of our work here

Head and shoulders above the crowd

When you commission a custom WordPress theme from Code Word Digital, you are taking the first major step differentiating your business from the competition, with your own unique branding.

Because WordPress themes lie at the very heart of the CMS system, they enable you to customise almost every facet of the visual appearance of your website to suit your business. And not just a professional look-and-feel — professional functionality as well.

Let the makeover begin…

Code Word Digital will work very closely with you to design your theme. First we’ll check if there is a suitable theme out there on the market — very often there is — then we will look at adapting that theme to work with your branding and business model.

Although it is rarely necessary, if no suitable theme is available, we can even create a new theme from the ground up.

Get in touch today and let’s get started on your new WordPress theme.